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Miranda Kerr Wants To Surrender A Transparent Piano

January 18, 2019

First, it was jewellery and a yacht. Now, it is a grand transparent piano.

Among the many assets purchased by fugitive financier Low Taek Jho, one of the items was a transparent piano that he previously gifted to supermodel Miranda Kerr.

The New York Times reported, that some of Low's assets have been slow to recover because the businessman is believed to be hiding in China and several items he bought are owned by trusts. 

The yacht and jewellery allegedly purchased by Jho Low with 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) funds have been confiscated. However, now there is a grand piano stuck in Kerr's home.

Low reportedly bought the piano in 2014 from Crystal Music Company in Netherlands and had it delivered to Kerr in her home in Malibu. 

Upon delivering the piano to her house, the music company's founder Peter Tol was shocked to find out that the instrument was to be placed on an outdoor patio.

"This was hurting my soul very much," he said, according to The New York Times.

"I strongly advised them to close that area," he added, which Kerr later listened to and built walls around it.

Kerr has since said that she is more than happy to "surrender" the piano to authorities but removing it out from the house has become an issue because it can't fit through the door

"If you move it, you might damage it, and then you have to restore it," Michael Case, the asset forfeiture coordinator for the United States Marshals Service in Manhattan, was quoted as saying in the report.

The new walls that Kerr built around the piano would need to be demolished in order for the piano to be removed, which would then mean that the expensive house will need to be repaired by the government. 

In the meantime, the piano will remain in the house.

Tol had not disclosed the cost of the piano, however, he said that some of their custom-made pieces cost between USD170,000 to USD1 million (RM709,000 - RM4.1 million).

Tol added that he felt terrible if he had unconsciously accepted money for the piano that was "destined for the normal people of Malaysia".

"I don't like it," he said, adding that, "It is not my way of life," reported The New York Times.

Kerr was once seen playing the piano in this video titled, "Miranda Kerr - At Home Secrets With Vogue Living."




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