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Louis Renner company is being sold

July 29, 2019

Louis Renner, the world's premier producer of piano actions and hammerheads, is being sold. New owner is the piano maker company Steinway & Sons. The jobs in the Schnauderstadt and in the Gärtringen district in Baden-Württemberg should remain unchanged.


Shareholders are optimistic about the future

The managing partner, Clemens von Arnim, disclosed that the decision was made during the course of a succession plan. The shareholders had agreed to look for a strong partner to secure the future of the Renner company.  Arnim added that it had been pivotal to secure both firm locations in  Gärtringen, Baden-Württemberg and in Schnauderstadt as well as the jobs themselves - and with it the "Renner made in Germany". "It is important to us that our production continues unchanged after the acquisition and we are also able to deliver our usual high quality to all piano manufacturers.  I am very happy that we were able to attract Steinway & Sons as a buyer for our family firm and it makes me optimistic about the future," stressed Clemens von Arnim, who himself is the great grandson of one of the Renner founders.


Renner should continue to operate independently


It was stressed in the announcement that the decision for the piano maker has not been made randomly. For more than a hundred years, Steinway & Sons has ranked as Renner's biggest clients and has always been considered a trustful partner.  It goes on to state that the acquisition also sends out a signal for Germany's place in piano making.

They were equally glad in the House of Steinway & Sons, as Guido Zimmermann, President of Steinway & Sons in Hamburg emphasizes: "Just as we have got a very long tradition, this firm is leading in its market segment and delivers excellent quality to customers worldwide.  And the same values bind us." Furthermore, it is important that Renner will operate independently, so that the acquisition is a positive one for the firm, the employees, but also the industry and its customers, according to Zimmermann.


Job guarantee for all employees

According to the announcement, Steinway & Sons is guaranteeing the continued employment of almost 200 employees at the Gärtringen and Meuselwitz locations.  This way, it can ensure that the industry will continue to deliver the high quality components for upright and grand pianos that its customers are used to.  In Schnauderstadt, components such as mechanisms, hammer heads, special parts, and tools are fabricated for grand and upright pianos.


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